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effective digital marketing

We've been creating unique, regionally relevant and trusted content in Egypt since 2001

while helping brands, non-profits and start-ups to reach targeted audiences on both the web and mobile.

Digital Publishing

Sarmady's Network

Unique content in news, entertainment, sports, automotive, city guide and directory which we avail to users to enjoy via web, mobile-internet, mobile apps, social media, SMS and voice, both in Arabic and English languages.
"Enrich your content!" We provide content feeds to third party websites, applications and messaging alerts.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Online and mobile marketing consultancy as well as advertising solutions. Our strategy is to get clients to own their customers by providing presence and interaction on web and mobile through: web placements, sponsorships, brand zones, social media, mobile site & app placements, branded apps and messaging channels.

Creative & Development

Digital Marketing

Creative and development expertise on mobile apps, websites, games, rich media and interactive banners. With more than 10 years of experience in digital business, and with more than 3 years in the mobile field, Sarmady can help you better engage your fans with branded mobile-friendly sites, mobile applications, games, websites or with creative banners.

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