Who we are
Founded in 2001, FilGoal.com has always been in the heart of Egyptian sports news, and now is the leading sports news website in the country.
Why buyers should partner with us
FilGoal.com reaches around 12 million users daily on Facebook, with around 2 million people engaging daily. We are also very powerful on Twitter and Instagram, with the biggest follower base for an Egyptian sports website on both services.
We provide our users with over 100 rich content stories per day, varying between local, regional and global football and other sports, with 85 million page views from 6.5 million users per month.
Users love our video stories; we achieve +35M video views per month on Facebook.
FilGoal.com is mainly mobile, with 82% of our users browsing FilGoal.com on mobile, with the help of our mobile app which is one of top 5 sports apps in Egypt, with +1.5M Downloads, +200K Monthly Active Users, +205M Monthly Screen views.
In addition, we also provide SMS Services for local and breaking news.
    • +10M
    • Users/Month
    • +300M
    • Page & Screen Views/Month
    • +20M
    • Social Media Audience
    • +5M
    • App Downloads
    • 25.31%
    • 18-24
    • 24.3%
    • 25-34
    • 20.43%
    • 35-44
    • 80%
    • Egypt
    • 10%
    • GCC
    • 75.02%
    • Male
    • 24.98%
    • Female
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